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The present state of the mergers and acquisitions market accounts for a strong demand of legal solutions that are custom-fitted and carefully researched all throughout the judicial process. Fully-fledged expertise has become a sine qua non condition for success. We take pride in meeting each of our client’s needs with a solid approach, perfected in over 20 years of experience in mergers and acquisitions. Starting with 1993, we developed new capabilities at a steady pace in order to provide top quality services to businesses.
Real estate saw one of the most spectacular growths on the local market that ended with the sudden decline which started in 2008. Even though recent trends indicate a stabilization of the field, precaution is still the dominant strategy. In this effervescent period, what really matters is the presence ofexperienced professionals, capable of offering quality services aligned to the success of all projects initiated by clients and, subsequently, able to make an impact towards the revival of the real estate sector.
The evolution of the private sector in Romania during the last two decades left the business world facing new challenges. Circumstances such as the rise of local companies, foreign investments and the entry of international corporations made way for a labor legislation of an ever-growing complexity. Today, a company’s success depends just as much on the consideration given to all the legal aspects pertaining to the work environment.
Our debut in tax law coincides with favorable rulings in the first litigations of this nature in Romania, rescinding fines issued by the Financial Guard that sought to seize revenues of over 1.000.000 USD. We believed back then, and we strongly believe now, that legal and tax consultancy is of great importance for the optimal running of a business. That is why we are committed to constantly keeping a close eye on legislative changes in the field and offering our clients proactive and preventive solutions.
Although the intellectual property market is still in a formative phase, the importance of this area in the modern business environment is undeniable. Today, intangible goods play a key role in the life of companies, given that their competitive advantages depend more and more on these intellectual assets. A greater effort towards their development means that securing intellectual property rights has become a priority.
The rapid growth of the IT industry in the last decade has had a lasting impact on the business sector. This expansion now accounts for an increased interest in specialized legal services demanded either by established companies that branched out in electronic commerce, or by startups that solely have an online presence.
Our broad experience within the law practice guarantees a diverse range of resources used to solve the problems our clients face. The Cunescu, Balaciu & Asociații team has the expertise and knowledge to perform exceptionally in a dynamic and unpredictable economic climate. Each project we undertake benefits from a full evaluation in order to develop original legal services that could range from Roman law norms to international commercial practices.


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